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About Us

Hudson International Freight Services is a full-service provider of a wide range of transportation and logistic solutions in the freight industry dedicated to the highest quality of standards and dependability.
Hudson International has sea, air and land connections all over the world providing door-to-door service for the smooth movement of your products to their destination.We handle ocean, air and truck shipments across the planet including imports, exports, and domestic shipments.We provide professional and worry-free logistical solutions for needs, big or small. To Hudson International each shipment is a special mission with success as the only option.
Our success comes from hard work and an unyielding dedication to providing our customers with the superior service they expect and deserve. We look forward to handling your cargo to every destination you need your products shipped.

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Air Freight

Hudson International Freight Services handles a variety of bookings for air shipments supported by a professional team guaranteeing the most reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions. Our high volume of work and excellent relationships with different airlines allows us to offer competitive rates. We specialize in shipping perishable goods, hazardous cargo, and products that need time sensitive treatment. Hudson International guarantees on-time delivery for import and export freight around the world. Our door-to-door service gives the customer on-time pick-up and delivery of its goods from the source to its destination. Hudson International has freight agents throughout the world that will send you the freight documents directly after the arrival of the flight to complete the customs clearance procedures. For rush orders, we use multiple flights throughout the week ensuring your freight arrives in a timely manner. In fact customers can have their merchandise arrive in half the time as our ocean services.

Ocean Freight

Most global trade is shipped by ocean freight and Hudson International Freight Services has the expertise to help you every step of the way, from the docks to the ships to the sea. Hudson International has established strong long-term relationships with all major shipping lines giving customers cost-effective solutions providing reliable global shipping services of any size loads and container sizes. Our business volume and trusted reputation with the shipping lines enables us to sustain priority bookings and special rates. Our first-rate team specializes in providing shipping services ranging from home content packing and moving, to safely transporting fresh goods, hazardous cargo, and many other special handling products. We pride ourselves on being overseas transportation specialists for all ocean shipments. Our network of experts in the industry gives our customers the confidence that their cargo is moved under strict security guidelines with the utmost care they expect.

Land Express

Trucking is a very cost-effective way of shipping your domestic freight to and from any destination in the United States and Canada. Hudson International Freight Services offers trucking services customized to your specific shipping and budget needs. Whether you’re moving a small load of packaged freight or a full truckload, Hudson International has a solution to meet your requirements. Hudson International prides itself on providing land freight solutions at very competitive rates, combined with a high level of service that specializes in all types of shipments for every kind of product.

Major League Sports Equipment Logistics

Major League sports teams need to move their equipment securely to their next game site. Hudson International specializes in providing teams with transportation logistics to ensure a smooth and safe transfer so they have everything they need to play the game. Hudson International has this specialty shipping service down to a science, packing balls, gear, uniforms, training tables, and exercise equipment on trailers to their next destination. You will always enjoy competitive rates and superior service from one playing field to the next with Hudson.

Why We Stand Out

The global marketplace has brought the world closer together and the demand for all types of goods is growing every day. That’s why in the international shipping industry you have to stand out if you want to be a strong competitive force in moving goods by sea, land and air.

At Hudson International Freight Services we want to be the first choice of companies in North America and around the world when they need their goods shipped safely and as soon as possible. Time is money and we want to save our customers both.

Companies across the globe want a freight shipper who is dedicated to an attention to detail that guarantees seamless logistics from picking up their shipment to it’s arrival at its destination with the proper documentation and in perfect condition. That’s what makes us stand out among the competition.

  • Vision

    To be a global leader known as the most competitive and reliable provider of shipping and logistical solutions in the world.

  • Mission

    To provide our customers with superior air, sea, and land cargo services connecting them to the world with a focus on their evolving needs and a strong dedication to their success.

International Courier Solutions

Hudson International provides companies with the best selection of courier rates regardless of the destination and offer competitive rates on international shipping services. We will prepare your international shipments with the proper customs forms, duties, and taxes to keep your shipments moving. So if you need to ship across borders, we will make it happen. 

Domestic Courier Solutions

Hudson International provides one of the most competitive rates for courier services across the country. We offer the most efficient, cost-effective options from all the major carriers. To us, the customer comes first, so trust Hudson International with all your domestic courier solutions. Our experienced and seasoned team of experts will work with you from pickup to delivery ensuring the top-quality courier service you want and deserve to have.

We Make It Happen

You want your goods shipped as quick as possible, safe and securely delivered to their destination. At Hudson International Freight Services we go that extra mile to ensure superior customer service at every stage of your shipping experience. Our logistics specialists are trusted by companies around the world, from pick up to delivery and everything in between. When it comes to shipping, we make it happen!

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    Hudson International is a reliable provider of a vast range of transportation and logistics solutions in the freight industry. Our services are consistently carried out with the highest quality of standards and dependability.